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Almond Puff

Expired on: 2/28/2021

Selection of non-pesticide residues glutinous rice and potato as rice cake raw materials, the introduction of water purification equipment to use water in line with the level of drinking water, and strictly control the quality of fried oil.

Flip the flour manually, so that each one evenly wrapped in almonds. Eat more solid taste!
Leezen Product

Weight: 280g


Origin: Taiwan

Ingredients: Glutinous rice, Taiwan green taro, Malt, Sugar, Almond slices, Palm oil, Tapioca starch, Salt.

Shelf Life: 4 months (unopened).

Allergy Alert: This product contains almond.

Unique features: No antioxidants, hydrogenated oil, artificial flavors or colors added.

Almond Puff -- Near 60 years of experiences, show the heritage of the classic good taste

Huang Guozhong, the founder of the company, started his traditional way of making mochi in arduous times. The syrup was slowly cooked with coal. Later, someone introduced him to steamed with steam and boiled syrup , Easier to control quality. After that, he invested in the research and development of equipment for conveying syrup to steel frying paste.

Hongsheng Almond puff strict control of moisture, multi-channel rolling cut into pieces of semi-finished rice 粿, made by the fry. For the quality control of fried oil is very strict, do not add anti-oxidants, non-hydrogenated pure fried oil, fried during the strict monitoring of the polarity of oleic acid, once the standard pot that oil change, to maintain pure and safe fried oil. However, self-strict Hongsheng company, in the face of the high standard of raw materials process, but also laments since Li Ren not only requires suppliers to meet the standards, even upstream of semi-finished raw materials and processes have to meet the standards. Semifinished apricot - - Mi 粿, is made of glutinous rice with potato, which currently has only three traditional raw materials in the production plant. Yellow boss found Miaoli Huang Chunxi, in accordance with the standard selection of non-pesticide residues of glutinous rice and potato as rice cake raw materials; and specifically to improve the process environment, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars for the rice cake factory water purification equipment to make use of water in line with the drinking water level .

Although it is a one-time purchase of new year, sales and profits are often disproportionate, but Huang boss still uphold the concept of reassuring consumers taste good taste, the main reason is that he saw the same intentions Li Ren. In cooperation with Liren for more than 10 years, it always took the trouble to send the products to the factory for inspection and repeatedly visited Miri's raw materials production line and production line. Under the strict control of both parties, the classic taste of passing on from generation to generation was presented together.

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