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Black Bean Sauce -Yuan Ho

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Manual ancient brewing. Can be used as a dip, because of undiluted, just a little bit, thick beans that overflow, rounded sweet, salinity, please consider the amount.

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"Chen Yuan and Soy Sauce" does not contain MSG, preservatives brewing soy sauce, Li Ren compassionate food appraisers visited the province selected for the best in soy sauce and less output, very precious.

Bottom Yam (Soy Sauce): Raw juice, sugar, licorice flour, and rice paste heated.

[Product Story] Good Talent understands time-honored

Chen Yuan and soy sauce each generation of descendants are patiently follow the complex but practical brewing process, the fourth generation descendant Chen Hongchang is more carefully selected raw materials, only the source of clear selection, non-basic change, no pesticide residues and other raw material safety certification The original soy sauce, the process of refusing any artificial additives and preservatives. The use of pottery brewing, ceramic cylinder in the pores, so that be sealed brewed beans to breathe, convection. Breathable ceramic environment, so that Chen Yuan and soy sauce taste and aroma superior.

Brew with the "old-hearted" and "patience" flavor

Over the years, Chen Yuan and soy sauce used to eat their own minds, with sincerity and patience to finish every soy sauce brewing process. Will be exposed to 4 to 6 months mature black beans and a little fermented soybeans by steaming, and then cooled beans and then add a separate strain system 麴, after five to seven days carefully take care of temperature and humidity, to cultivate a healthy mature fungus, and then Wash mycelium beans, sealed with natural sea salt into the traditional ceramic tank. Fermentation need to wait for four to six months meditation, and then with sugar, licorice and rice boiled into a paste, source and grade ointment sweet and supple, dip cooking stir fry are suitable.

Pass 120 years of good taste

More than 120 years ago, Chen Yuan, the first generation manager of Chen Yuan and soy sauce, inherited the family's technology for making soy sauce in Guangdong and established a source and soy sauce firm at Yunlin Xiluo near Yushuishan. Until today, the fourth generation of Mr. Chen Hongchang still abide by his father's soy sauce Jiaxun: "Do not do a great job, chemical soy sauce can never touch." Chen Yuan and soy sauce insist on cutting corners, with the best raw materials brewing soy sauce , To maintain the ancient law brewing. Quaint ceramic urn quietly placed in the warm sunshine Yunlin, witnessed the source of Chen and soy sauce along the pragmatic, as a taste of the people to retain the good use of time brewed taste.