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Brown Rice Noodle Gift (by Yuan Shun)

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Expired on: 12/1/2021
No pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used, no preservatives and chemical additives are added; it is made of pure natural brown rice and contains fiber.
Weight: 600 g



Organic Brown Rice Flour / 200g * 1 Pack

Organic Pure Rice Noodles / 200g * 1 Pack

Organic Pumpkin Brown Rice Noodles / 200g * 1 Pack

From: Taiwan

Ingredients: Natural brown rice.

Unique features: No pesticide nor chemical fertilizers used. 100% made of natural brown rice, rich in fiber. No preservatives or additives added. Carbon water filter and far infrared water filter used in water treatment. Produced by the Yuan Shun Food Company with 60 years experience in making rice noodle.

Usage: Wash noodle in cold water first, filter out water, wait 2-3 minutes until noodle is soft and then fry it or cook it in soup.