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Chocolate Soy Mince Cryspy Roll_Puffed Food

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Expired on: 1/2/2021
This flavorful chocolate roll is a perfect combination of the finest grain mix with the delicious flavor of soy mince wrapped on the chocolate puff bar. Crispy, crunchy, and nutritious, this chocolate roll will definitely give you an exceptionally yummy experience!
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Weight: 120 g

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From: Taiwan

Ingredients: Chocolate [Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Powder, Lecithin, Vitamin E], Seaweed Soy Mince [Non-GMO Textured Vegetable Protein (Isolate Soy Protein, Defatted Soy Flour, Corn Starch, Wheat Protein, Sugar, Pea Powder, Soybean Oil, Salt, Sesame, Laver, Licorice Powder, Wheat Fiber], Rice Powder, Non-GMO Cornmeal, Potato Starch, Red Bean, Mung Bean, Black Bean, Millet.

Shelf Life: 6 months (unopened)

Storage: Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

Allergy Alert:This product contains cocoa, soy, wheat, and sesame. The plant that processes this product could also be processing products containing gluten, peanuts, sesame, soy, and nuts.

Note:Due to temperature changing on chocolate products, it may have cream grease on the surface. It's normal and safe to consume.