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Crispy Seaweed / Almond Flavor (Vegan)

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Through the detection of seaweed sandwiched almond slices, sesame, then deposited with maltose boiled colloids, the second barbecue, healthy and delicious almond seaweed cake was born! Jia Tian in order to accurately fit each piece are hand-sandwich, so slow work fine, taking into account the aroma and crispness, the pieces are carefully prepared.
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Country of Origin : Taiwan

Ingredient:: Almonds, Maltose, Seaweed, Sesame, Sugar, Salt, Soy Sauce (Black Bean, Soybean (Non GMO), Sugar, Salt) 

Shelf life : 10 months (unopened)

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a dry and cool place, sealed and stored as soon as possible after unpacking

[Product packaging appearance style color to the actual shipping shall prevail]

Allergen Information: This product contains almonds, sesame and soy, who have allergies, please read the ingredients marked before eating

Healthy is the original intention of Almond seaweed cakes
Healthy and delicious almond seaweed cakes, Jia Tian snack food company for four years. However, in recent years, however, Li Jiajuan, general manager of Jia Tian, ​​suffered from civilizations due to his relatives and friends and was shocked by the importance of food to the human body. In addition, there are many consumers who are concerned about the health The demand for vegetarian products enables Li Juanjuan to think about the seaweed food suitable for vegetarians.

Want to be almond seaweed crisp seaweed?

In particular, global climate change in recent years, the growth of seaweed affected by the weather, dramatic decline in output, to both quality and quantity, it is not easy. To this end Kaida special commissioned new algae to help select raw materials. Zhang Kunxu strict product requirements, after many considerations, choose a high viscosity, good flavor, sweetness should be, good brittleness, fewer holes and other conditions of Porphyra to do processing. In addition, Nori must also pass through the pollution testing and heavy metal content testing levels to be selected as "Nori almond seaweed cake," the seaweed clip. Of course, other raw materials, such as almonds and sesame seeds, must also be assessed before they can be shelled in Rare Earth.

In order to be healthy, delicious, good quality, business competing to stand aside
Good quality, co-operation and cooperation with a number of manufacturers ─ ─ algae provide seaweed raw materials, commissioned by the yuan will be baked seaweed baking scent, and then handed over to Kaida. Kadoya then placed almond flakes from southern California diamonds, aromas of sesame seeds, maltose-coated colloids, hand-crafted in order to accurately sandwich it, and then re-bake it. So slow and meticulous, taking into account the aroma and crispness, the pieces are meticulous.

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