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LaVie Naturelle Herbal Shampoo (Lemongrass)

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LaVie Naturelle Natural Shampoo contains pure botanical source of herbal formula, rich and detailed foam.

Parabens free formula design, no added anti-corrosion antibacterial agent, reduce irritation and sensitivity, protect the scalp, any hair type can use.

Leezen Product
Weight: 300 ml


Ingredients: Water, coconut-derived cleansing ingredients, dextrose-based cleansing ingredients, amino acid-based cleansing ingredients, vegetable oleic acid-derived lubricants, glucoside cleansing ingredients, salts, citric acid, organic aloe vera extract, Organic Mint Water, Organic Witch Hazel Water, a natural preservative from plant sources.

Shelf Life: 2 years

● Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, for external use only.
● Aroma of natural essential oils may become pale for a long time, and will not affect the quality.
● When the temperature is below 10℃ , the natural sources of cleaning ingredients may produce misty white, but it can be back to normal till the normal temperature.