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Dried Whole Longan

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From: Chiayi City, Taiwan

Ingredients: Fresh longans (no pesticides or chemical fertilizers used).

Processing methods: Longans were dried for two days and two nights using the traditional charcoal roasting method.

Shelf Life: One year

Storage: Seal the bag after opening and keep in a cool, dry place to avoid humidity.

Unique features: No pesticides or chemical fertilizers used. Longans dried in the traditional charcoal roasting method to create this quality product with great dried pulp and a unique roasting aroma permeated into pulp.

Product Story:

Longans, also known as the ‘dragon’s eyes’ or round pulp, are reputable for providing beneficial nutrients to the heart and helping blood circulation.

The taste of Longan is smooth and sweet. It is traditionally known as an herbal ingredient used to boost blood circulation. The longans in this product are from the “Hui Zhi” Natural Farms. Unlike other dried longans in the market that are roasted in a diesel powered machine, dried longan from the the “Hui Zhi” Natural Farms’ are roasted in the traditional kiln using longan branches as firewood. The smoke from the firewood contributes to the unique aroma that can only be found on this product.

The process of roasting longan is cumbersome. Once harvested off the trees, longans are cut from the stems manually. Then longans are loaded into a basket before being placed into a traditional kiln. Longans are in and out of a kiln six times during the roasting process which takes up to two days and two nights. Fire needs to be closely monitored and adjusted to avoid burning longans. After each roasting cycle, longans are taken out of a kiln to cool. Inferior longan are manually screened and removed before the next roasting cycle starts. After the roasting process is completed, dried longans are packaged for shipment.

Tea with longans, jujube and goji berries is a popular winter drink, good for blood circulation, lungs, eyesight, and anti-aging. Longans can be cooked with rice for rice porridge or cooked with white fungus. It is tasty either in a hot or cold drink! Longan pulp can be added when baking bread or cake which makes bread or cake even tastier.

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