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Natural Awkeotsang (10 packs)

Expired on: 12/1/2022

Li-Ren’s Aiyu seeds came from Mt. Ali, pure and natural.
Leezen Product

Weight: 17g x 10


From: Taiwan Jiayi County

Ingredient: Natural Awkeotsang

Shelf Life: 2 years

Unique Features: Gao Shan purely natural specialty product

Production Method:

1. Traditional wash method

2. Juice mix method


1. Enclosed instruction and filter bags

2. Containers and water cannot be contaminated with oil.

The Story behind the product:

Awkeotsang is a variety of the climbing fig family native to Taiwan. It’s origin is among the mountains of the Central Mountain Range at approximately 1200-1800 meter in altitude. Now a days, they are found in the range of 800-1800 meters altitude in central, southern, and eastern subtropical forests in Taiwan. In the humid summer days, the chilled sweet-n-sour flavored Aiyu Jelly is one of the most popular desert soup to quench that heat and thirst. However, the constant news of poisonous modified starch and plasticizers used as thickener in processed food may be stopping you from enjoying this summer delight. Most Aiyu Jelly sold in traditional markets and beverage bars are made with artificially made Aiyu powder. This is to increase the shelf life and to prevent the powder from melting into clumps. The taste is unnaturally chewy. Li-Ren’s Aiyu seeds came from Mt. Ali, pure and natural. To make Aiyu jelly, place one package of Aiyu seeds inside a mesh bag. Place the bag in a container along with 1,000 cc mineral water or cold water. Squeeze and rub the seeds (in the mesh bag) for about 5 minutes. Place the container in the refrigerator for half an hour. Serve the jelly with lemon juice and honey. This low calorie summer desert is both healthy and refreshing. Friendly Tips:

  1. Please use mineral water or cold tap water. Do not use distilled water.
  2. Naturally coagulated Aiyu jelly has high water content. It is natural to become liquid in room temperature.
  3. For firmer jelly, use less water.
  4. Using a food processor to grind the seeds is an option for the same delicious result. Please refer to the instructions on the package.
  5. In addition to lemon juice, passion fruit and grapefruit juice are great options too. Be creative.


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