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Organic Black Soybeans

Expired on: 1/22/2022
Leezen Product

Weight: 500g


From: China (BCS Verification/Taiwan Professional Factory Branch)

Ingredients: Organic Black Soybeans

Verification Company: Compassion Organic Verification Limited (Verification Code: TOC –P0002)

Unique Features:
1. No chemical additives
2. No Sulfur Dioxide Fumigation
3. No artificial seasonings or coloring
4. Feel safe to consume organic products. All grains have been strictly and carefully selected and verified to have been grown by organic farming.
5. No chemical fertilizers, complete preservation of grain nutrition. Allow your family’s health to be taken care by organic grain and also protect every inch of our earth.

1. Please do not ingest the included moisture absorbing desiccant package
2. No chemical additives, if there are varied or changes in appearance or color, feel safe to consume.
3. Place in cold and dark areas, after opening, refrigerate and try to finish the product quickly.