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Organic Chinese Herb Tea

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Follow the Kampo, with organic Astragalus, Chinese wolfberry and jujube carefully deployed, and the use of patented triangular tea bag, in addition to high temperature, but also allow ingredients to freely stretch within the tea bag, drifting warm good taste.
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Weight: 90g


Origin: Taiwan

Ingredients: Organic Astragali Radix (China), Organic Jujubes (China), and Organic Goji Berry (China)

Shelf Life: 12 months (unopened).

Storage: Store at a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Seal tightly after opening.


1. Contain organic astragalus, organic dates, and organic goji seeds.

2. No artificial colors, artificial flavors or sulfur dioxide fumigation used.

3. Manufactured at a certified organic food plant in Taiwan. Quality of the product is guaranteed.

4. Used the patented triangular tea bags which are non-toxic, sanitized and can be brewed for a long time.


1. Do not eat the enclosed desiccant or deoxidizer.

2. Consult your physician first before consuming if you have a fever, disease or special physical conditions.

3. Do not consume if you are pregnant or having a cold.

Usage: 1. Put a tea bag into a cup. 2. Add 200 ml hot water into the cup. 3. Keep waiting for 4~5 minutes and drinking.

Add more or less water to adjust strength as you like.

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