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Organic Dried Large Jujubes

Expired on: 3/19/2021

Longer in the Yellow River Basin arid areas of jujube tree temperature, the conclusion of the organic jujube quality, full and thick, dark red color, sweet and delicious. Li Ren organic jujube inspection by the international organic certification bodies, import a single container transport, after the importation of domestic refrigeration storage, and through the pesticide, sulfur dioxide, heavy metal safety testing, safe consumption.
Leezen Product

Weight: 300g (10.58 oz)


Origin: China

Ingredients: Organic jujube

Shelf life: 12 months (unopened)

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place, with refrigeration after opening

Organic Certified: Tse-Xin Organic Certification Corporation

Certification # : TOC-P0002 

1 Jujube sugar content is higher, the surface is easy to produce white glycosylated particles, the normal phenomenon, please feel free to eat
2. Pregnant women, diabetes, high blood pressure patients and special physique, please consult the physician, consider eating
3. Products due to natural sunburn method, occasionally dip some leaves, dead branches, dust, no quality , Please feel free to eat
4. This product is not raw food, please clean before cooking food

From the red dates in northern Shaanxi
The jujube jujube is produced in dry northern Shaanxi where there is plenty of sunshine and plenty of sunshine. Longer in the Yellow River Basin arid areas of jujube tree temperature difference, the conclusion of the jujube quality, full thick, dark red color, sweet and delicious. After a special screening, each one in more than 2.5 cm, contains a variety of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Harvest after cleaning, and then to mechanical drying, can be eaten directly, or together with the Astragalus, Chinese wolfberry into hot water brewing into qi tea, or add cooking in the cooking. Jujube itself contains glucose and fructose, dried glucose will precipitate from the epidermis of the fruit, the formation of the epidermal white spots, not moldy.

Traditional Chinese medicine is not easy to trace
In recent years, the demand for traditional Chinese medicine ingredients in the global market is getting larger and larger, and pesticides are commonly used in various producing areas in order to ensure yield and prevent insect pests. In order to facilitate long-distance transport and preservation at room temperature, Chinese herbal medicine is usually fumigated with sulfur dioxide after harvesting. High prices of Chinese medicine may also have the problem of fakes, and some practitioners will be close to the herbs, mixed with real thing to be confused. Although many Chinese medicine practitioners and Chinese medicine traders also want to check consumers, it is very difficult for them to really trace their source to control the origin.

Finding a source of cleanliness
Based on the general dietary habits of Chinese using herbal ingredients, Li Ren went straight to the place of origin for pure Chinese herbal medicines. After many twists and turns, and finally in northern Shaanxi Province, origin of Chinese medicine, commissioned by farmers do not apply pesticides and fertilizers organic cultivation. Organic jujube cultivation period, there are irregular monitoring sampling, after harvesting is sent to the international organic certification body inspection, from planting, production, packaging and other processes have detailed control and testing. In order to avoid possible contamination during the transportation process, individual individual containers are taken in for import and are not tied to other customary products. Imported into the country after the preservation of the cold storage, once again through the pesticide, sulfur dioxide, heavy metal detection of safety before shelves.

Features :

About 1,300 years ago, the Loess Plateau on the Yellow River beach, which started to grow jujube trees, due to the unique loess geology, ample sunshine climate, to grow full fruit, thin thin core of the Yellow River beach date, and the entire process through the International Organic Certification . 100% No added preservatives, artificial colors and spices, no sulfur dioxide fumigation, jujube preserves the original sweet and sour taste.

How to eat:

  • Herbal jujube tea: Take Astragalus, Chinese wolfberry and red dates, the about 15 grams, add 1000 ml of water, boil with low heat to drink.
  • Medicated soup: add a variety of soup ingredients directly with food, strengthen nutrition.

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