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Organic Multi Grain Powder sweetened

Expired on: 7/19/2020
No artificial colors, flavors or chemical additives. You can add it to noodles, rice, salad, or hand-rolled sushi, drinks, or making energy soup or use hot water to brew.
Leezen Product
Weight: Single 300 g


From: Chiayi County, Taiwan


Organic black beans (Taiwan/China), organic sugar (CostaRica), organic brown rice (Taiwan), organic black glutinous rice(Taiwan), organic buckwheat (USA/Lithuania), organic red job's tears (Taiwan).

Shelf Life: 6 months (unopened).


Keep refrigerated and seal tightly upon opening and consume as soon as possible.

Unique features:

1. No artificial colors, flavors or additives used.

2. Consumer as you like by adding it in noodles, rice, salads, hand rolls, sushi, drinks, energy soup or hot water.

3. This product has been cooked. Brew it in hot water. Add more or less water as you like.