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Organic sesame oat milk

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Selection of organic black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds and other organic made of a variety of cereals. High calcium, vegan lactose-free, non-hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors. Drink rich sesame flavor. Suitable for all age groups daily nutritional supplements, and drinking milk will be allergic to consumers.
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Weight: 450g (30g * 15 packs)

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Choose organic black sesame and organic white sesame flavor, drink rich sesame incense. Vegan and lactose-free, suitable for all ages and drinking milk will be allergic or diarrhea consumers drink.

Easy to carry bag packaging, instant drinking more convenient!:
● Take 25-30 grams (about 3 teaspoons) and brew with 200c.c. San, you can drink; fasting, the effect is better.
● You can add other drinks or supplements.

Origin: Taiwan

Ingredients: Organic Oats (Australia), Organic Sugar (Brazil), Organic Black Beans (China), Organic Brown Rice (Taiwan), Organic Black Sesame (Bolivia / Mexico ), Organic White Sesame (Bolivia), Organic Flaxseed (Canada), Calcium Carbonate (Nutritional Additives)

Shelf life: 18 months (unopened)