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Perilla Seed Oil 250ml

Expired on: 8/25/2021

Rich in Omega-3, deep-sea fish plant oils! Color golden yellow, fresh taste is not sticky. Particularly suitable for adults nutritional supplements, pregnant women and children are also edible.
Leezen Product

Weight: 250 ml


Origin: Taiwan

Ingredients: Perilla seed

Shelf life: 12 months (unopened)

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, refrigerate in sealed container and eaten asap as soon as possible after opening

High-Omega-3 Vegetarian Deep-Sea Fish Oil

Perilla seed oil is a natural fat extracted from the mature seed of the herb, Perilla. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3, is the highest known Omega-3 content in plant seed oils. Omega-3 is the body's essential fatty acids, because the body can not create their own, but also the body most likely to lack the important oil, through the food intake. Perilla seed oil 100 grams of fat, Omega-3 content of about 55 ~ 65%, Omega-6 ratio of 13 to 15%. Compared with fish oil, perilla seed oil has strong stability, low cholesterol content, suitable for vegetarians to eat, so there is the reputation of plant deep-sea fish oil.

Through pesticide residues, toxins test cryogenic oil lock the natural nutrients

Perilla is a rare edible herb, with thousands of years of healing history in China and Japan. Perilla perilla seed oil used in the growth of perilla seed in Changbai Mountain. Before the procurement, the acid value of perilla seed (acid standard <2) should be detected locally before it is purchased according to the freshness standard. Raw materials shipped to Taiwan for pesticide residues and toxoid test, placed in a -18 ℃ freezer storage. Before the oil was removed by batches, put aside for a day after the warm pressing and bottling, to ensure the freshness of seeds and oil. In particular, low-temperature roasting 60-65 degrees squeeze, according to adjust the roasting temperature seeds, and only take the first virgin fresh oil. Although the method of low temperature squeezing can only squeeze 36% of the oil, it can ensure the natural nutrients, freshness and unique flavor of the perilla oil, meanwhile increase the stability of the oil and reduce the speed of degradation, the oil color Showing golden yellow, the taste is fresh and not sticky.

Pregnant women, children are edible health and good oil

Perilla oil for general public consumption, especially for the elderly nutrition supplements, pregnant women and children are also edible. Smoke point of 189 ° C above, can be used for raw and drinking, salad dip, hot mix cooking methods, not recommended for high-temperature frying cooking. Health drink recommended daily about 10 ~ 15c.c can be.

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