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Rosted Black Pepper Broad Bean

Expired on: 8/30/2020
Selected from broad beans grown without pesticide residues with fresh oil, the Bean House has adpoted the natural approach to produce this salty, crispy, and pepper flavored favorite Chinese New Year product.
Leezen Product
Weight: 250 g


From: Taiwan

Ingredients: Board bean, palm oil, salt, glucose, black pepper powder, black peppercorns, vitamine E (antioxidant).

Shelf Life: 8 months (unopened).

Storage: Store at a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Please consume as soon as possible upon opening.

Notes: Beware not to eat the deoxidizer inside.

Allergy Alert: This product contains broad bean, G6PD deficiency (Favism) patients should beware not to eat it. The production line also used to produce peanut, nut, or seed products.