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Seasoned Seaweed

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Search all over the world's oceans, only to find clean seaweed farming. Specially selected for the most fresh first-time harvest of seaweed, and the use of simple sesame oil, sunflower oil and rose rock salt flavor, bring out the unique flavor of sea water itself.
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Origin: Taiwan

Ingredients: Seaweed, sunflower oil, sesame oil, rose rock salt, vitamin E (antioxidant)

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and heat and humidity. Store in sealed container and consume as soon as possible after opening.

Traveling through numerous seas -- just looking for clean and pollution-free algae
Zhang Kunxu, the boss of Algae Industry, toured the oceans around the world and set sail on the southern coast of China As far as Central and South America and the South Pacific, so active only in order to find a clean seaweed cultivation of seaweed. Seaweed according to different harvest time, divided into "a water", "second water", "Sanshui" three dishes. A water dish is the so-called pre-dish, is the first batch of collected seaweed, yield is small, its most abundant nutrients, and has a natural sweet taste, bright color, so the most top grade. The shelves on the shelves of the pay-seaweed is the most fresh quality "water" seaweed.
Weihai pure raw materials to pay, only to sesame oil, sunflower oil and a little rose rock salt flavor, bring out the unique flavor of sea water itself. Pay for seaweed Whether snacks, rolls sushi, rice, the surface is very suitable, to a seaweed, so full of sea taste in your mouth outbreak it!

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