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Sesame oil & Angelica sauce

Expired on: 9/24/2021

With sesame oil as the base, high-altitude Chinese angelica from Yunnan was selected. The planting process did not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and was formulated with Chuanxiong and ginger mother.

Can be used for noodles, rice flour, mixed with green vegetables or as a soup base, or can be used freely according to personal preference. It is a good warming sauce.
Leezen Product

Weight: 250 g


Origin: Taiwan

Ingredients: Flax oil (sesame oil, soybean oil), lake salt, sugar, gingermushroom, angelica, yeast extract powder, Chuanxiong, mixed concentrated tocopherols (antioxidants)

Shelf Life: 12 months (unopened)

Storage: Please leave it in a cool, dry place when unopened to avoid high temperatures and humidity.

Allergen Information: This product contains sesame and soybeans.

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