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Soy Fiber with Seaweed

Expired on: 10/5/2021

No preservatives.
Leezen Product

Weight: 300g


From: Taiwan


Textured vegetable protein (Non-GMO isolated soy protein, Non-GMO defatted soy flour, corn starch, Calcium carbonate, Lecithin), sugar, pea powder, soy oil, salt, sesame, laver, licorice powder, wheat fiber.

Shelf Life: 9 months (unopened).


Store at a cool dry place; avoid humidity, high temperature and direct sunlight. Keep refrigerated and consume as soon as possible upon opening.

Notes: Beware NOT to eat the deoxidizer inside.

Allergy Alert: This product contains soybean, wheat and sesame.


1. Sprinkled on rice, noodles, porridge, onigiri, sushi or cold tofu.

2. Added on bread, buns, gua bao (steamed bao or pork belly buns)

3. Added on dishes or omelettes for additional flavors.

Unique features: No preservatives.

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