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Sweet Crunch

Expired on: 2/28/2021

Sweet Crunch is an indispensable traditional Chinese New Year sweet. Li-Ren partners with the Xin Hao Cooperation to produce this product using yeast (not artificial leavening agent), with reduced sugar and oil to preserve the traditional taste. ( Expiry Date: 1/25/2017 )

Leezen Product

Weight: 500g


Unique Features: No artificial flavors, artificial colors nor preservatives.

From: Taiwan

Ingredients: Wheat powder, sugar, palm oil, maltose, yeast.

Shelf Life: 4 months (unopened).

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Please close tightly and consume as soon as possible upon opening.

【Product story: Looking for the return of spring - Sweet Crunch】

For years, even though Leezen continues to add new Chinese New Year products, Sweet Crunch is always the top pick by our customers. It signifies the return of spring.

The Xin Hao Food Company’s manager Zhong Yong Jun said “It’s only after we connected with Leezen Company that I learned that my career can be aligned with a health conscious goal. Not only that, I can be involved in attracting more people to join us in treasuring the earth. This is a path that is achievable .” Leezen’s initiative in promoting organic farming for the health of human beings and the earth resonates with him. A decade ago, he worked with Leezen to develop a new market for organic rice. Together they have developed the crispy Brown Rice Puff. Every Chinese New Year, Xin Hao also makes the essential snack, Sweet Crunch, for the Spring Festival.

Xin Hao uses a natural yeast in place of an artificial leavening agent. Natural ingredients require a longer fermentation time in the winter. This usually means that production teams need to be in the production line before dawn. Zhong Yong Jun said “There is nothing special in the making of Sweet Crunch. The process is etched in one’s memory, because we need to mass produce this product in a very short time during the freezing winter mornings.” In general, Sweet Crunch is sold by weight. Since Xin Hao reduces oil and sugar in this product, the weight of the product and the profit are also reduced. “Even if this product is relatively better than other brands for consumers’ health, we still want to lower the burden on the consumers.” Zhong Yong Jun explained this emotionally.

Recently, Xin Hao also hired disabled High School students and mentored them to contribute to their best ability. Zhong Yong Jun said: “Within my power, we will help them as much as we can.” He patiently mentored the children to learn, and to find the opportunities for them to be self sufficient. He hopes the children will find the spring of their life through their work here.

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